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A Review of Skype: Chat with friends, acquaintances and business associates on Skype and you will never want to use your phone again. This service enables users to interact by instant messaging, audio and live video chats and to do so online and with unbelievable ease. .

Users' Rating: 3.5
Our Rating: 3

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Communicating with people worldwide has become much easier since Skype first appeared on the online grid. This service enable users to interact with one another by means of voice, instant messages and live video chats and to do so easily, efficiently and to a great extent – free of charge. This website has significantly changed the way individuals keep in touch and has affected telecommunication in numerous ways. Take a couple of minutes to read this honest review and find out what Skype offers and if it really is totally free.

The Essentials:

Since Skype has over 650 million registered users worldwide, we can only assume that you have heard the name before. This is unquestionably the most popular and better-known communication networks in the world and while it has many competitors, none managed to replicate its huge initial success. Once you join Skype you can easily communicate with people worldwide by using the internet and you can interact via instant messages as well as by audio or live video chatting. This is an excellent business tool, a way to keep in touch with old friends and a genuine social network – all in one package.


All basic services on Skype are totally free of charge, assuming that you chat within the service. Also, this is one of the most user-friendly networks that you will ever see and there are clear answers to any potential complications as well as detailed info pages relating to key topics.


As stated, Skype is very helpful in solving problems but it also assumes that all its users have a relatively high level of computer-competency. While this is no doubt flattering, a quick beginner guide would be even more appreciated.

The Grandma Test – Can Your Grandmother Use This Site

4 stars All 3 of us agreed that this is the easiest website to use on the face of the planet. The navigation is as simple and as clear as it gets and everything, and we do mean EVERYTHING has clear labels on it, so that even if you’ve never seen it before, you will find your way around it. Having said that, you do need to know a bit about chatting and online communication to really understand the names and labels, and the lack of a beginner-guide is noticeable. Us 3 and most of our readers would probably have no problem getting the hang of Skype, but it does require some basic level of computer-knowledge.

Details and the Bottom Dollar

Communication Tools: Audio, Instant Messages, Video Chats.
Access from Mobile: Yes
Are any special software or downloads Needed? Yes, and it’s Free.
Cost: Basic features are all free. If you want to use Skype to call phones or mobiles, there are subscriptions for as little as 0.9c a minute or you can pay as you go. Skype Premium includes advanced features and it costs €3.49 per month.