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A Review of LivePerson: LivePerson Experts is one of the biggest and better-made expert chat arenas. This site features numerous advisors in endless categories including finance, spirituality, technology, education and counseling.

Users' Rating: 4.3
Our Rating: 4.1

The Specialists on LivePerson Experts are Always at Your Service

Looking for practical assistance, counseling or informative guidance? Whatever troubles you, LivePerson Experts has the ideal specialist for your needs and these pros are at your service around the clock. Simply contact any expert using phone, email or a live chat and you will receive a reply faster than you imagine. This is your chance to receive trustworthy advices from trained advisors that know it all. Now go through the rest of our LivePerson Experts review and let us tell you about costs, features and your various options.

The Essentials

LivePerson Experts has the important mission of supplying skilled advisors in a nearly unending list of categories. Counseling, education, Technology or the arts, Business, Health and even social media just take your pick and dive into a live video chat with the specialized expert of your choice. Many of the experts also have a special tag on their profile which signifies that their experienced was verified via a third party.


On top of the incredible number of available expert categories, LivePerson Experts also has low chatting fees. Obviously, there is a difference between chatting with a doctor or with a fantasy sport advisor (yea, this too is an option!), but all the prices on the site are very affordable.


The spiritualists can be a bit pricy, especially when compared to the other specialists online.

The Grandma Test - Can Your Grandmother Use This Site

You don't need to have any special knowledge to chat with the experts on LivePerson and all 3 of us agree that this website deserved the maximum rank in user-friendliness. Basically all you need to do is log on, pick a category, choose and expert and then click on the Start Chat icon and the professional of your choice will be right there, chatting with you and answering all of your questions. Seriously it's that easy.

Details and the Bottom Dollar

Communication Tools and Special Features: Live chat rooms, Emails, Phone, User Reviews, Free LivePerson Toolbar
Access from Mobile: No
Are any special software or downloads Needed? No.
Cost: While the costs are very low, the price range on LivePerson is HUGE and varies from 0.55 to 19.99 per minute. However, nearly all experts charge around 2.99 or less and it's not hard finding less than a dollar advisors. There is also a free chat before you get down to business and start paying by the minute, and you'll only be charged when the expert is hired. The site also has a promotion for newcomers: You receive a coupon which takes $10 off your first chatting session.