LiveGlobalCams Review - Get to Know the World from Your PC

A Review of LiveGlobalCams: Explore the world and all its wonders with LiveGlobalCams. This huge educational websites delivers webcam feeds from all over the planet in a range of topics and areas..

Users' Rating: 4.4
Our Rating: 4.3

LiveGlobalCams Brings the World to Your Home

Numerous people from all over the world log on to LiveGlobalCams every day, looking for information, adventures and knowledge. This extraordinary webcam site has rounded up the top live cams from all around the globe and it features them all in real time and free of charge. Anything you're curious about and any practical data you require are available online. Nature resorts, traffic junctions and popular tourist destinations all get displayed on webcams and you can simply take your pick. Just check out the following review of LiveGlobalCams and you will realize: Exploring the universe has never been this easy.

The Essentials

LiveGlobalCams is pretty unique in its field. Its main goal is to round up the tope live webcam feeds worldwide and to offer them all in one place, for all users to view free of charge. Weather cams and traffic cams have practical uses, wildlife and tourist destination are educational, but lots of the available webcams are simply fun to watch. Anytime you're bored or need a distraction, log on. There is always some real time excitement online.


This website has something for absolutely any person and it can be used for many different purposes. Do your homework, research for your next trip or watch the cutest little kitten play in real time this site is out to show that the global reality is more fascinating that you believe and after you use it for awhile you'll see how true it is.


The live chat feature is not really advanced and could use with some upgrading. Also, the only video chat rooms are not really on the site itself, but on the websites which provide the original streaming.

The Grandma Test - Can Your Grandmother Use This Site

With no program to install and no need to handle any software, LiveGlobalCams have gotten our unanimous vote of approval. This site is more than just user friendly. it makes the life of its visitors very easy by offering all the relevant categories up front and asks for nothing in return. Not only is the navigation easy, but so is the operating of the web cams. Well, operating is a big word when all you have to do is double click on the streaming you want to see and it instantly appears on your screen. We give this site thumbs up and a score of 5.

Details and the Bottom Dollar

Communication Tools and Special Features: Live Text Chat and 24/7 Can Streaming.
Access from Mobile: No
Are any special software or downloads Needed? No
Cost: LiveGlobalCams is completely, totally and utterly FREE of charge for all services. Moreover, you don't even need to sign up as a member - just get online and start streaming.