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A Review of EarthCam: Chat with friends, acquaintances and business associates on Skype and you will never want to use your phone again. This service enables users to interact by instant messaging, audio and live video chats and to do so online and with unbelievable ease..

Users' Rating: 3.5
Our Rating: 3

Use EarthCam.com to Become a Genuine Virtual Traveler

The famous and admired EarthCam needs no introductions. This web cam network has built its reputation by providing real time streaming from thrilling destinations such as the Eifel Tower and Times Square, but it also captures skylines, zoos, universities and anything else you can imagine. Anyone can access this website, at any hour of the day or night, and instantly land in any destination imaginable. With new cams added monthly there are always new places to see and thrilling views that are waiting to be discovered. Browse through this summarized review of EarthCam and then begin touring the globe.

The Essentials

There is no arguing the fact that EarthCam is the leading scenic web cam network in the world. This site excites many millions of fans from over 190 countries and its' getting bigger by the minute. EarthCam delivers 27/7 live streaming of webcams located in famous and extraordinary destinations worldwide. Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam and New York all get features on this exquisite site alongside with web cams from zoos, construction sites and many others. The website adds a new web camera each and every month and it is enjoyable, very users-friendly and totally free of charge.


There are many things to like about EarthCam – the endless variety of available cams, the quality streaming and how easy it is to go from one part of the world to another. It's clearly that this network is run by some talented people and it is professional, impressive and truly superior to all its competitors.


While the number of web cams available is absolutely jaw-dropping, the categories are someone limited and mainly cover urban or tourist-style areas. It would be nice if such an impressive network would also offer natural views and a bit more wildlife.

The Grandma Test – Can Your Grandmother Use This Site

The navigation on this website is very clearly defined and as long as you follow the titles, you should be just fine. Since all the web cams can be activated with a double click and you don’t need to download, install or know any specific terms, this site gets our maximum ranking. All 3 of us agree that you need to be pretty clueless to get lost on EarthCams and we think that this is a site that absolutely anyone can use.

Details and the Bottom Dollar

Communication Tools: 1 Way Cams.
Access from Mobile: Yes
Are any special software or downloads Needed? No
Cost: The site is completely free for all private viewers.