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The CamContacts Review Unfolds the Secrets of This Live Cam Site

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Users' Rating: 2
Our Rating: 2.9

Peek into CamContacts and Chat with Naughty, Live Amateurs

Users from over 170 countries are enjoying CamContacts regularly and the only question is: Why aren't you one of them? This thrilling webcam arena is packed with naughty amateurs from every country imaginable and they are all unusually open-minded and not easily shocked. Not only is this site packed with live video chat rooms, they are also almost ridiculously cheap and deliver some mind-blowing shows. Drop by anytime. This site is always open for business and pleasures.

The Essentials

A quick browse through this gigantic website will show you that everyone is camming these days, including your next door neighbor, the woman who sells you your morning coffee and your bets friend's wife. CamContacts.com is really a great place to chat with folks from the other side of the globe, to engage in some imaginative amusements and to explore your own limits, assuming you have any. Possibilities are truly endless and the users who come here keep returning for seconds and much more.


All 3 of us agreed that it is very rare to find such a selection of quality webcam chat rooms in one single place. You can browse the live cams for literally days without running into the same one twice and never mind what specific requirements you have, they are bound to be fully fulfilled. We also want to point out the site's excellent prices, which are really surprisingly cheap considering the level of webcams. Users simply get more for their money here, no questions about it.


What we like the least about CamContact is also the number of amateur webcams. Dealing with non-professional webcam models always has some challenges and in this case you can expect to face a serious lack of consistency. Some shows are unforgettable, others are unforgettably bad and you do need to do some sorting out before you hit high-quality chat rooms.

The Grandma Test - Can Your Grandmother Use This Site

She's probably already using it, alongside with everyone else you know. Seriously, this website is very easy and it should appeal to anyone who lacks experience in the world of live cams. Some of the more complex features are missing, but as far as simplicity goes, this site is truly a winner. There are no types of memberships, types of live shows and the only exclusive feature is the online games. Once you're a member you can navigate your way through the left side bar and simply go through the list of options until you see something you like.

Details and the Bottom Dollar

Communication Tools and Special Features: Cam2Cam, Favorites, Email Alerts, Online Games, Audio, Text Chats, Forums, Phone Chats, High-speed Net Connection, Photos.
Access from Mobile: Yes.
Are any special software or downloads Needed? No.
Cost: CamContacts definitely has some of the cheapest chats ever seen online, and very often you can even bargain with performers for an additional discount. The cheapest deals are around 0.65 per minute, which is a real joke, but do keep your eyes open because some of the most popular models overcharge.